From Search to Research : From Research to Discovery

Conatix is reinventing business research, helping companies to do market, investment and strategic research better, faster and cheaper. Conatix is building a semi-automated business intelligence system based on recent advances in machine learning to enable companies to discover, source, structure and share previously unstructured data and information from outside their organizations. The system will be licensed to companies to use for all of their research work on a per-month, per-seat online knowledge management as a service (KaaS) basis.

Conatix disrupts the business research value chain: rethinking online search and discovery, organizing the research process, creating a system that learns, and iterating the process to create knowledge that scales. Companies need to do more than one-off keyword searches using an advertising-driven consumer search tool. Conatix does not just sell a technical solution to the narrow problem of internet search, or a search engine. Conatix sells an end-to-end business system solving a business problem to a business customer, developed in response to a real business need.